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Sex Enhancers for Promoting Sexual Health

Sex Enhancers for Promoting Sexual Health

Herborium® is committed to improve and enhance the quality of life for its customers. Since the Garden of Eden, human sexuality has been recognized as both a source of pain and joy for generations of individuals.

Herborium's Sexual Health and Performance Products are natural sex enhancers that focus on improving ones sexual life which constitutes an important part of healthy and happy living. Herborium provides safe, healthy and efficacious alternatives to standard topical female and male sex enhancers. We also support our sexual health products with relevant content that assist our clients to better understand and realize their sexuality and to increase their satisfaction, and overall quality of life.

Sex Enhancers for Promoting Sexual Health
Herborium's proprietary Sexual Health and Performance Enhancement Products are based on Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) formulas which have been modified and improved using modern science. All of our herbal extracts are made using state of the art extraction procedures and the highest quality ingredients available.

The products are most noted for their potent aphrodisiac like effects, however the herbs used in the formulations are known in TCM for promoting longevity and overall health. In addition to producing a strong sexual experience both the female and male formulas also provide for a number of health benefits and have been used long-term with continuing beneficial effects. 

Sexual Health & Performance Series 

Herborium provides all natural herbal products targeting the improvement of male and female sexual performance. These products provide non-prescriptive alternatives to selected sexual disorders resulting from cardiovascular disease, use of anti-depressants and even surgical procedures including hysterectomy.

For Her
Lasting Pleasure®, a proprietary, innovative product that increases women's libido, combats the signs of sexual frigidity and fosters receptiveness and the capacity to experience more intensive orgasms. Lasting Pleasure® improves women's sexual satisfaction and unlike topical products and other aphrodisiacs can be used long term to improve and preserve sexual performance for years.  The Product has also proven utility in addressing female sexual problems resulting from the use of specific medications (anti-depressants) or hysterectomy. Lasting Pleasure® represents a unique product entry into the growing market of female sexual health needs.

For Him MaleForce® Series: all natural remedies targeting male erectile disorders and performance enhancement.

MaleForce®LL (Long Lasting) also marketed as Lasting Power® focuses on improving sexual stamina and enhancing libido and endurance.

MaleForce®RR capsules provide an acute Levitra-like activity for men concurrently receiving beta-blockers, antidepressants, and those individuals suffering from fatigue, stress or exertion. MaleForce® RR is also advantageous for those individuals that would like to improve their sexual performance. The effects from MaleForce RR are reported to last for up to 36 hours.

MaleForce®RR is an all natural, proprietary, herbal supplement developed using the principles of TCM and Modern Western Science to enhance and strengthen men’s sexual performance and satisfaction. 

is unique among herbal products in that sexual function in healthy men is significantly enhanced following a single 300mg dose, and individuals with erectile dysfunction (ED) experience an improvement in sexual performance. In both cases the positive effects last for up to 24-36 hours.
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