The Healing Power of Botanical Therapeutics®

Our Mission

We develop and market novel, safe and effective, proprietary Botanical Therapeutics® (botanical based medicines), and innovative support content which target selected, unmet medical needs for disease treatment, management, and prevention.

Our Advantage

Herborium offers a robust business model designed to capitalize on the changing landscape in the health care sector spearheaded by novel regulatory, market and technological trends, and the cost advantage of natural medicinal products. Herborium’s unique blend of management’s expertise, clinical and regulatory know how in the US, Europe and PRC, diversified proprietary Botanical Therapeutics® portfolio and innovative marketing strategies provide for high-value, high-return opportunity.

Herborium Botanical Therapeutics®

Virtual Product Pipeline

Virtual Institute for Natural and Complementary Medicine® (VINCM)

Integrative educational platform for healthcare professionals and consumers to foster the progress, understanding and application of integrative medicine

Kamasutra Spirits

The Myth: What’s in a Lady?
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