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High Demand Product: AcnEaseŽ is one of the most successful Acne and Rosacea products in the US 50 Million + customers market > it has also been on a top of the Acne treatment in UK and EU market with a unprecedented rate of success (95% of the customers report satisfaction with an improvement in their skin condition). We also have a proven record of supporting our customers and our distributors with unique information and personal advice.
Clinically Proven Formulation: AcnEaseŽ is the only herbal, all-natural Acne treatment supported by clinical testing and safety data. AcnEaseŽ has been shown in clinical trials to provide a complete acne cure rate in 70% of subjects. AcnEaseŽ has also been proven to be an effective acne medication for 95% of persons aged 15 to 30. In addition, AcnEaseŽ has been shown to be a highly effective acne treatment in adults with chronic Adult and Cystic Acne (over 85% response rate).
Recognized by Medical Community: AcnEaseŽ was also featured in the NEW GENERALIST- a publication of The Royal College of Medicine and General Practitioners in London and in DERMATOLOGY, the leading English language dermatology journal in Europe as the ONLY all natural, herbal remedy for Acne and Rosacea treatment.
Manufacturing Standards: AcnEaseŽ is a unique, proprietary all natural formula manufactured in the USA under current Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs), in an FDA compliant facility. It satisfies the highest standards for manufacturing of herbal based medicines and extracts. We are also using the highest quality herbal ingredients that adhere to the highest quality standards and regulations set forth by law.
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