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Emerging Healthcare Sector



  • Technology Ownership (IP)
  • Exclusive Distribution Rights
  • Exclusive License
  • Strategic Partnerships
  • Proof of Concept (Commercialization of AcnEase®)

Complementary & Alternative Medicine Market Growth & Trends

The global complementary and alternative medicine market size is projected to reach USD 296.3 billion by 2027, exhibiting a CAGR of 19.9%, according to a new report by Grand View Research, Inc. A comparatively high demand for alternative medicine across developing countries and expanding applications of traditional medicine practiced in Asia are two key driving factors of the market. China and India are the key contributors to the Asia Pacific region and thus are offering significant momentum to the revenue generation by complementary and alternative treatment through the study period.

In addition, increase in the number of licensed and trained physicians who can offer state-of-the-art complementary therapies is set to boost patient preference toward traditional medicine. It is becoming integral in the healthcare system in Asia, especially in China wherein most of the hospitals in the country have distinct departments and wards that are dedicated to traditional therapeutic approaches.

Moreover, in terms of research, CAM has reached a remunerative stage. This can be attributed to the rising pool of scientists working at established universities across U.S., Europe, and Asia Pacific who are focusing on building a robust foundation for the alternative treatment targeted toward Parkinson’s disease, cancer, and diabetes.



Business Opportunity
Changing Regulatory Landscape

  • FDA guidance in 2004 facilitates performing clinical studies on botanical therapeutics thereby  enabling Herborium to more efficiently test its proprietary products
  • European Directive 2004/24/(EC) requires all botanicals not on the market for 30+ years to be supported by clinical efficacy and preclinical safety data thereby, effectively reduceing Herborium’s Competition in this Sector
  • These Regulations allow faster, more cost effective entry to the Licensed Product Market, and provide opportunities for-licensing to Big Pharma

Herborium’s team assembled expertise in US, EU and PRC regulatory affairs, allowing the company to capitalize on the global regulatory changes relating to herbal drugs and placing it ahead of the competition.

Changing Market Landscape

  • Healthcare technology, consumers access health related information on the internet
  • Consumers are seeking safer more natural alternative drugs, concerned with the safety profile of synthetic/chemical drugs
  • Consumers are empowered to make health care decisions and seek out non prescriptive alternatives for both disease treatment and preventive medicine

Core Business
Existing Botanical Therapeutics® Product Line

  • AcnEase® Oral Tablets for Acne and Rosacea
  • AcnEase Skin Management System® (Masks for Acne Marks/Scars)
  • Women’s Health Product
  • Men’s Health Products
  • Energy Booster  
  • AcnEase Skin Management System® Maintainers Series

Extended Product Pipeline

  • Liver Activator Series®
  • Rheumatoid Arthritis Product
  • Respiratory Infections Product

Interactive Health and Product Information

  • “Virtual Institute for Alternative and Complementary Medicine” (VIACM)
  • Unique, targeted content to support and complement product lines

Strategic Model

  • Unique access to best botanical product candidates
  • Proven Market and Product Development strategies
  • Marketing and regulatory experience in US and Europe
  • IP Opportunity
  • Timing


  • “Un-discovered”, proprietary herbal Product Candidates with confirmed experiential value
  • Initial clinical confirmatory data (Western Standards)
  • Advanced and efficient herbal extraction and manufacturing technology


  • Exponentially growing demand for natural medical solutions
  • FDA, EMEA recognition of botanical therapeutics
  • E-based technology is driving self motivated health awareness

Branding Strategy
Science + Nature=Botanical Therapeutics®

Corporate Branding

    • Herborium®=Botanical Therapeutics® Company
    • Market Innovator
    • Information Driven
    • Premium Positioning
    • International and National Reach
    • Multi-Media Approach

Product Branding

    • Lifestyle Branding vs Product Branding
    • Consumer and Healthcare Professionals Differentiation
    • Premium Quality & Safety
    • Innovation Driven
    • Information Driven


  • Dr. Agnes P. Olszewski Ph.D, MBA. Founder & CEO — 20+ years experience in business strategy and global marketing with private and public companies
  • Dr. James P. Gilligan Ph.D. Co-Founder, Scientific  Advisor & Director  — 25+ years experience in biotechnology, drug development, manufacturing, clinical testing . . .
  • Dr. Alhua Qi, MD and TCM/MD, VP Traditional Chinese Medicine — 30 years TCM drug development clinical practice, originator of acne and liver formulas.
  • John E. Donahue, Controller/SEC Advisor — 25+ years experience corporate finance, M&A, public accounting
  • Lawrence Woo, Director; Asia Business Advisor — Past President Pfizer Greater China , President Wyeth Pharmaceutical China
  • Sir Roger Jones (OBE), Director; UK & EU Advisor — Founder of Penn Pharmaceutical & Chairman (Pro-Chancellor) of Swansea University and Medical School ; Governor of BBC
  • Dr. J. Thomas August, MD, Clinical Advisor — Chair, Department of Pharmacology, Johns Hopkins Medical School
    Buc and Beardsley, LLP, FDA Counsel
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