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Energy Restitution: Lasting Energy®

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Lasting Energy® is an all natural, proprietary energy booster that has the unique property of decreasing the symptoms associated with hangovers and eliminating jet-lag.

This natural energy food supplement  is also effective for treating overall depletion of energy due to competitive sports, high level of stress, extensive sexual activities as well as other long term or temporary physical demands. As a  highest quality herbal supplement for energy Lasting Energy® liquid formula helps alleviate mental pressure while fostering alertness and mental focus.

Without sugar and caffeine means you’ll be without jitters, high blood pressure and an upset stomach you will feel energized and healthy  with this natural energy food supplement. Lasting Energy®  is proven effective  due to its proprietary combination of herbs for energy. The formula  and extraction process for the herbal extracts were developed by doctors and herbalists specializing in   both Chinese and Western Medicine.

In less than half of an hour of taking this natural energy food supplement  your exhausted and sluggish feelings disappear. You’ll feel less stressed and be more energetic, alert and focused.

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