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Herborium® Group Inc, Shareholder Update Letter

January 8, 2021. Herborium® Group, Inc. (OTC Pink: HBRM), a Botanical Therapeutics® Company and the provider of proprietary all botanical medicinal products (Botanical Therapeutics®) and interactive advanced content targeting dermatological issues such as acne and Rosacea, and other health and wellness concerns, is happy to provide a Shareholders Update Letter from Dr. Agnes Olszewski, CEO. 

To our Valued Shareholders,
Happy and Healthy New Year!

By now, when the most difficult year of 21st century can be seen in the rear mirror and we all look with hope to a pandemic free life it’s time to provide an update on the recent milestones we achieved and to discuss our opportunities and vision for 2021 and beyond.

The world has changed and so has Herborium. To survive and to provide shareholder value in this dynamically transforming global and domestic environment we have mapped a number of new roads for the company

2020 In Review

As a first step, I’d like to briefly recap a few noteworthy business milestones from 2020. Despite the impact of Covid-19 and associated ‘lockdowns’, Herborium® financial results actually where significantly improved. Our revenues grew 13% in comparison to 2019, with gross margin increased 14.75%. We ended 2020 with profitable 3rd and 4th quarters and an approximately 2/3rd decrease in our short term debt; all this was achieved without  any changes to the capitalization table (i.e. no dilution) or other outside resources.
Our major European distribution partner THG (LON), a British e-commerce company went public on London Stock Exchange and is fast becoming one of the world’s leading beauty and wellbeing online retailer. We are prepared to participate in this growth through our ongoing commercial relationship which we hope to expand in the coming year.
2020 also saw a increased focus on the ‘environmental, social, and governance’ (“ESG”) movement, though this far from new to us here at Herborium. As a woman-led company offering natural, environmentally sustainable solutions that provides value for a diverse group of stakeholders, ‘ESG’ has always been part of our ‘DNA’

New Partners

As the global dietary supplements market is poised to grow by $26.7 billion during the period spanning 2020-2024, the major shift lies in where this growth will come from. In 2017, 31% of the world’s consumer disposable income originates from Asia. By 2030, Asia is expected to add an additional USD12 trillion in disposable income, which is
almost 55% of the global increment. The Asian skincare market is expected to grow by 6% by 2022.
To harness this opportunity, in November 2020 Herborium ®signed a master distribution agreement with Phinix Global Pte. Ltd. (“Phinix”). Phinix Global Pte. Ltd. is a part of GPS Alliance Holdings Limited (AU:GPS) which is listed on the Sydney Stock Exchange. GPS has extensive reach throughout South East Asia . In addition to  marketing and distributing Herborium’s products Herborium and GPS are presently discussing additional near term partnerships to foster growth in the US and Asia. Phinix is presently in the process of registering Herborium’s products in Singapore to make them ready for a rollout in Asian markets in the second quarter of 2021. Other new partnerships and alliances are in different stages of discussion.

New Products

Our unique botanicals based acne, Rosacea and oily skin treatment AcnEase® has helped over three quarter of a million women and men of every age and skin tone to achieve healthy skin and healthy self–perception. However, one product is not enough to justify the growth we want to secure for the company. 
In December 2020 Herborium launched the first product line extension which is complementary to our Botanical Therpeutic®- AcnEase® . This product focused on acne scars, marks and other cosmetic imperfections of the skin. The product line utilizes plant based stem cell technology developed by NASA. The product series is already a
part of the Asian expansion plan and is the first module in introducing the AcnEase Skin Management System.
Additional products in the space are already being reviewed. To keep up with new technological and regulatory opportunities in the US and globally we intend to capitalize on new ingredients such as terpenes and cannabinoids as critical ingredients in the development of these new products.
Because Covid-19 became such an integral part of our lives and because Herborium feels a clear responsibility to get involved in fighting the pandemic even in our modest way, We have decided to venture into the Covid-19 space through the introduction of a unique, proprietary masks that Herborium obtained exclusive rights to market in the US
and select other regions. The ME–Mask® that actually protects the user while providing exceptional comfort and environmental sustainability utilizes patented Japanese technology to prevent air aerosol containing the COVID virus from entering the wearers respiratory system. In addition the ME-Mask® will also prevent the spread of Covid from
individuals that may be infected with the virus but asymptomatic. The ME-Mask® is ready for market and is expected to be launched in the next 30 days. President Elect Biden clearly indicated his plan to make first 100 days of his presidency marked by national mask mandate. (The more detail news forthcoming).
Herborium is also poised to become a part of a distribution network for Covid-19 testing products.

Communication and Investors Relations

Last by not least I want to share with you the forthcoming change in our communication strategy. We plan to update Herborium’s website and its news feed in the first quarter of 2021. We are committed to provide more frequent shareholders communication through traditional channels and we are also launching a Twitter account for Herborium that I hope to start using within next 30 days.
As the closing remark let me thank you for your interest and loyalty to Herborium and share with you my excitement and enthusiasm for the future

Looking Forward 

The new partnerships, new products and new markets are a foundation for Herborium’s future growth only if they fit the new world as it emerges from the Covid-19 Pandemic and the resultant shift in global demographics and economics. This is why Herborium is announcing a transition from merely selling products into becoming the destination point for a total integrated natural solution in the area of troubled skin (first step) and potentially other wellness spaces such as sexual health. 2021 will see the unveiling of the new content and content platform utilizing artificial intelligence and cross industry partnerships that will make Herborium attractive not only to the global consumers and customers but also to major social media and medical and wellness services providers.
I hope you will join us on this journey. As the closing remark let me thank you for your interest and loyalty to Herborium and share with you my excitement and enthusiasm for the future 

About Herborium Group, Inc.

Herborium Group, Inc. is a botanical therapeutics® company that develops, licenses and markets proprietary, botanical based medicinal products to consumers and healthcare professionals. The Company’s business model focuses on emerging market opportunities spearheaded by the growth of a new market sector located between highcost, high-risk, ethical pharmaceuticals and commoditized classic nutraceuticals (supplements). The Company uses clinical validation and a proactive regulatory strategy based to establish and maintain a differential advantage. Herborium has secured a pipeline of botanical ingredients based products Herborium Group sells its products in the United States, the United Kingdom, and continental Europe through a network of distributors, specialty retailers, and e-commerce. For more information, please visit, ,, and 

Safe Harbor Statement: This release contains forward-looking statements with respect to the results of operations and business of Herborium Group, Inc., which involves risks and uncertainties. The Company's actual future results could materially differ from those discussed. The Company intends that such statements about the Company's future
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